A blog send messages defined by the creator of blog.
This blogger wants to send many messages, but now are:
- Practice and promote safe sex.
- Free your mind - Be tolerant with others.
- The man is beautiful. - The woman is beautiful.
- The eroticism is also art. - The Photografie is also art.
- Love is love, no matter the gender.
- Open the doors of your mind, be tolerant of other ideas.
- The art is also in the street.
- Stop to Racism. Stop Pedophilia.
- The black and white are beautiful. The life is in color.

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OlePlusMen : Beautiful Men

OlePlusMen : Beautiful Men

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    Well now I want to take a shower.
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    Don’t make me repeat myself …get on your knees!
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    High School was different somehow for Jackie “Jack It” Hannson, maybe because he didn’t have to use a public shower but...
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